By Mark Powell

Verses To Read:

Are you running on empty? So many times when we reflect on the word ‘empty’, it has such a negative meaning in our lives. We say things like, “my gas tank is empty,” “my checking account is empty”, or “my refrigerator is empty, and I am hungry!” We also might have feelings of emptiness, such as “I have nothing else to offer this relationship” or “I am empty and tired of trying”. We sometimes encounter feelings of being less than enough or worthlessness, embarrassment, or shame.

I imagine we have all experienced some version of feeling empty. Each time we hear that word our minds and emotions can immediately perceive something negative is looming.

Let me help to shape a new perspective of that word for you. Consider the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest after His crucifixion. In Matthew 27:62-68, we see that great efforts were made by those in charge to ensure the tomb where the body of Jesus was held was secure and unable to become empty on the third day, as Jesus promised. Fortunately for us, all four gospel writers confirm the tomb is EMPTY and HE IS RISEN! (If you want to read more details on any of the four accounts of the resurrection, check out Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and/or John 20).

The emptiness we feel in our lives at times (physically or spiritually) can be remedied often by considering the implications of the empty tomb. Now, understand the empty tomb will not likely make food just appear in your fridge.

However, many of us reading this book might feel like our fridge is empty, but we truthfully have far more food at our disposal than the rest of the world. Or, when we’re complaining about gas prices and needing more gas, can we consider the fact that we are blessed to have a vehicle to put gas into in the first place? Another way to put our attitudes into perspective with these situations is to give to others out of our surplus through donating items, our time, and tithing a portion of our income.

When we think about spiritual emptiness or feeling empty in an earthly relationship, connecting with the Lord by reading our Bible, worshiping our Father, or seeking spiritual counseling are some great places to start. In this chaotic, fast-paced, busy world we live in, sometimes all we need to do is reflect on Matthew 11:28 where Jesus encourages us to just go to Him, to rest in Him, become refreshed in Him. What a comforting and soothing command.

So, the next time the feeling of emptiness shows up in your life, why not pause, smile, and look to the heavens to thank God for the very empty tomb He provided for you. He died and rose again to give each of us everlasting life! God is smiling upon you, and He is ready for you to seek Him through your actions. He loves you!

Questions To Consider:

1. What are some ways you forget how full your life really is?

2. In what specific ways will you turn your perspective and attitude around to begin to see the Lord’s provision and blessings, rather than emptiness?

Prayer to Pray:

Heavenly Father, I love you, Lord! I know the crucifixion was not enough to take you out. Thank you, Lord, for the empty tomb and for delivering on the promise of rising three days later. Father, I ask you to fill me today and eliminate my feelings of emptiness, whatever they may be. I thank you Lord for making me whole and fulfilling my needs. Please help me become a more determined follower of you and use me to bring others closer to you. Amen