How to See God in your Darkest

By Paul Eason

Verses To Read:

When hiking down the north rim of the Grand Canyon, there are many different layers of sediment in the rocks that each tell a different story in time. The first layer might be a clean layer. Go down another few layers and you’ll see where a mudslide happened. Go down another few layers and you’ll see more evidence of historical events and weather changes. Eventually you will get to a beautiful stream at the bottom of a canyon. When the moon sets, there is this thing called the rim effect where you’ll be in the darkest place you’ll ever be (over a mile down in the surface of the Earth). You will even be further away from the stars than you ever have been in your life. BUT because it is so dark the stars will shine more brightly, and they will appear to be closer than they ever have before. That to me is what I have known to be the presence of God. This unmistakable light in the pit of the darkest place.

Every one of us has had dark moments. Let’s get even more real. Some of our dark moments have led us to where we are right now. At times we are hopeless during these dark seasons. At times we are completely in control and know we are in darkness and couldn’t care less.

There are 3 things in John 4:1-39 that I would love for us to take a look at today. First, we see here that Jesus offers the Samaritan woman Living Water in what is her lowest place. In the lowest place and in the most broken place there is a river of Living Water that is flowing, and His name is Jesus.

Second, in this account we see that Jesus uncovers many layers of her life and never leaves her side. She isn’t married (layer one). In fact, she’s been married 5 times (layer two) and the man she lives with now isn’t her husband (layer three).

 The truth is, just like we can see the different layers in the canyon rocks and see the beauty that formed both in tragedy and in good times, God sees that in us and is not afraid of it. He comes to heal it, restore it, and to make it new. He comes to say, “go and sin no more,” and “come and follow me.”

Thirdly, the passage of scripture concludes with this woman using the only means she had to tell people about this person of Jesus and the life change that happened inside of her. It was her voice. She went out and used her voice to tell the people around her about this man named Jesus who changed her life. She didn’t just “show them” the life change, she opened her mouth and let the echoes bounce off the other broken people. And boy, did it ever echo. Those people went to see Him because of this woman. God used this adulterer who had been changed by Jesus to reach her community!

Jesus is not afraid of your mess today. I believe He wants to use it to bring others to Himself.

Questions To Consider:

1. What broken parts of you do you need to lay down to Jesus?

2. What parts of your story could be used by God to share His love with others? Are you willing and prepared to share those parts of your story?

Prayer to Pray:

Lord, give me the strength to lead people to you through my story. Bring to light the areas of my life that you would like to use to bring others to you. Prepare my heart and mind to share those parts of my story. Please give me clarity in knowing when and with whom I should share my experiences. Thank you for always seeing me and loving me despite all the layers of mistakes in my life. I love you. Amen.