Run to Jesus

By Savannah Hubbard

Verses To Read:

In December of 2004, a tsunami wave in the Indian Ocean caused destruction and death in eleven countries with waves up to 30 feet in height. The last major tsunami in that region had hit on June 26, 1941. In the past, when the ground shook, children had always been taught to run up to the hills for safety. But not this generation. Instead of running for protection as the previous generations had been taught, when the water pulled back, the people flooded the shores, amazed by the shells and sea animals that had been left exposed. They walked straight into the tsunami’s path.

Strangely enough, on the island of Simeulue, close to the epicenter of this earthquake, ninety percent of the buildings were destroyed, but not one person of the 70,000 people on the island was killed. A reporter pointed out that these islanders had emphasized the traditions that stemmed from a tsunami that hit their island in 1907– when the ground shakes, run into the hills. The secret of survival had been continually passed on from one generation to another.

Psalm 78:3-4 says, “I will teach you hidden lessons from our past- stories we have heard and known, stories our ancestors handed down to us. We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.”

We all have moments when it feels as if the ground is shaking beneath our feet, or our sense of direction is nowhere to be found. The Bible continually reminds us in those times to run toward Jesus and dig into His Word to find all that we need. Press in toward His promises, His peace, His presence. You will find your refuge from trouble in Him. If you have gone through these seasons and God has brought you through them, please share the hope you found with others. If you are in a season of overwhelm and fog right now, reach out to someone in our church family and ask to hear their story.

Let’s be known as a church that passes on stories of God’s miracles, power, and provision to those around us. The next generation’s lives depend on it!

Questions To Consider:

1. What happens when the true message of Jesus is not intentionally taught to the next generation?

2. What story of God’s power and love in your own life do you need to share with someone today?

Prayer to Pray:

Dear Lord, Thank you for your love and faithfulness throughout all the generations. You have placed people in my life to share your love and I’m so grateful. Help me to speak to others about how you have saved me and give me strength to share your “power and mighty wonders”. In Jesus’ name, Amen.