He is Enough

By Carly Eason

Verses To Read:

Have you ever felt like what you’re doing is not enough? Burnt out, checked out, just getting through the day and still feeling like you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do? Or maybe you are just feeling unequipped for where you are in life and don’t know how to keep going? I certainly have felt both recently and I want to quickly share with you what God is teaching me through it.

There’s a story in Mark 6:30-44 of Jesus feeding five thousand people. It’s a story I’ve read many times but recently I read it again and the details that popped out this time radically transformed the way I think and rely on God. Jesus asks his disciples to feed the people, to which their response was basically: “are you crazy Jesus? We don’t have the money for that!”

I think of the times that Jesus has asked me to do something or asked me to trust Him in a specific circumstance and my response unfortunately sounds quite similar. “Well, God, that sounds like a really nice thing, but how in the world am I going to make that happen? I’m not equipped. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough resources. I can’t add another thing to my plate.” You can fill in that blank for your own life.

What’s beautiful is that it’s not actually about what YOU or I can accomplish. It’s about what God can do through us. He doesn’t choose you because you’re awesome, He chooses you because you’re willing to listen to Him and step out in faith.

Jesus could have made food appear from thin air, but He didn’t. What did ask in verse 38? “How many loaves do you have? Go and see.” He wanted the disciples to be part of the miracle. He wanted what they already had to be the means for the miracle. So what does this mean for us?

  1. God is not asking you to perform the miracle He’s about to do, but He certainly wants you to be a part of it. Take joy in being part of the miracle and take time to observe and see the miracle.
  2. I’m also learning that God is asking me for what I have. It’s my job to trust God to do the multiplying. Where I feel like I can’t be enough, praise God that He fills in those gaps! The Holy Spirit WILL make a way for what He’s called you to.

In times that I have felt the most burnt out, I am realizing those are the times I have been relying too much on my own strength over God’s strength and miracle-working power. There are a million little miracles happening around us each day and God wants you and I to be a part of that. Instead of feeling like we aren’t enough, or doing enough, let’s ask these next questions instead. 

Questions To Consider:

1. In what ways am I trusting my own strength over God’s? Am I trusting God to do His work through me?

2. What is a miracle (big or small) that you have witnessed in your own heart or life that can serve
as a reminder of His strength doing the work?

Prayer to Pray:

Lord, thank you for your Word, your power, and your sustaining strength. Please give me the humility to rely fully on YOUR strength to get me through my day and not my own strength. Help me prioritize. If my to- do list is filled with things that are not important to Kingdom growth, then please show me how to prioritize differently. Teach me how to TRUST you to fill in the gaps when I feel like I cannot do it all. Amen