Intensifying Your Faith

By Rian Nichols

Verses To Read:

The metaphor of temperature and its implications for faith found in the verses to read above resonates with me, especially reflecting on my past experiences.

For five and a half years, I had the privilege of working in the activities department of a retirement home. This period was filled with enriching experiences, notably meeting numerous World War II veterans whose stories and presence have left an indelible mark on my life. As a member of the activities department, I was responsible for participating in different events we would have daily for the residents. Often, it was Bingo, balloon volleyball, or music. One of the most enriching one parts of this journey involved baking; an activity that transcended mere culinary art and ventured into the realm of chemistry.

Baking, at its essence, is a series of chemical reactions, sparked and sustained by heat. Whether it was the simplicity of boxed cakes or the delicate intricacy of a from-scratch soufflé that demanded silence to avoid collapse, the process was always fascinating. I learned that measurements must be precise, and instructions must be followed very carefully for the product to turn out correctly. Most interesting to me, though, was that baking is unforgiving to lukewarm attempts. A cake mixture, even if perfectly prepared, will not transform into a delightful dessert if subjected to a mere 100 degrees in the oven. It requires a higher temperature to ignite the necessary chemical reactions.

This observation draws a parallel with our spiritual walk. A lukewarm faith, much like the insufficient heat in baking, fails to catalyze the transformational changes in our lives. If you find your spiritual journey echoing this lukewarm state, I encourage you to take steps toward intensifying your faith. Engage more deeply in prayer, immerse yourself in additional time studying the Bible, spread the Gospel, and replace mundane tunes with worship music that elevates your spirit.

In Romans 12, Paul talks in detail about offering our lives as a sacrifice to God. He urges us not to be like the people in the world around us but to set ourselves apart by choosing to live life according to God’s will. Verses 3-21 (and even chapters 13-15) go on to list several actionable ways to begin walking in God’s will more boldly. These small yet significant steps can increase the ‘temperature’ of your faith, leading to profound joy, peace, and a deeper connection with God.

Questions To Consider:

1. What are some action steps you can take today to begin increasing the ‘temperature’ of your faith?

2. What are some areas of your life you hope to be transformed by increasing the ‘temperature’ of your faith?

Prayer to Pray:

Lord, may the warmth of my faith continue to escalate, becoming a palpable presence to those around me. Let my life be a pleasing aroma to You, far from being something You would disdain. Please give me clarity and discernment in the ways I haven’t been directing my life according to your will. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.