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  • June 13 2021

    Series: Outsourced

    Speaker: Dave Stone

    For 30 years, Dave Stone preached at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. During his 13 years as Senior Pastor, the weekend attendance grew from 17,000 at one campus to 27,000 at seven campuses. He’s authored eight books, including the popular Faithful Family Series. Dave has a heart for people… read more

  • June 6 2021

    Series: Outsourced

    Speaker: Caleb Kaltenbach

    Caleb Kaltenbach is a pastor and founder of The Messy Grace Group. Sometimes, grace gets messy… Caleb Kaltenbach was raised by LGBTQ parents, marched in gay pride parades as a youngster, and experienced firsthand the hatred and bitterness of some Christians toward his family. But then Caleb surprised everyone, including… read more