New You New Purpose - As Part of The Next Generation (Week 1)

Speaker: Rick Kyle

What I want you to see is that you have a purpose later in life. You have a very real purpose. You probably won’t discover your purpose until you’ve lived a while. It takes a while to figure out what that purpose is. But can I tell you this? It’s not your occupation. You may set aside an occupation, but you never set aside your purpose. Do you know that your purpose is the calling on your life that comes from God and cannot tell you that you have a calling? Whether you ever enter into full time ministry, not full time ministry isn’t necessary for you to have a calling. I think God calls farmers. I think God calls Mechanics’. I didn’t like to when I was a teenager. I hated farming, hated being in the country, didn’t want to live in the country. It’s funny how you change when you’re older.